Terms of Use

As a wholesale account you agree to the following:

  1. All distributors are required to sell at our MSRP, any distributor selling at a discount larger than 15% will immediately forfeit their account.
  2. Any forfeited account will need to wait 365 days to re-apply.
  3. No sales on discount/deal sites unless the design is an exclusive/custom design specifically to your store and approved by management.
  4. Our stock photos are available for use, absolutely no unauthorized use of Hazel Blues vendors photos.
  5. Our designs are copyrighted.  If we find that our designs have been reproduced, we will take legal action.
  6. We have a minimum of $100 for each order placed.  All items will be sold in packs.  If there is a broken pack (not all sizes are available at time of purchase) we reserve the right to replace them with a different size.

We reserve the right to close any account at any time, for any reason without advanced notification.

We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone.